8 February 2016


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Amusement Park,Jos

Oh No I didn’t

Six months, Lawd!!!

My loves, yes I know, I heard, I’m sorry.

It’s the end of January and I stare at myself and realized I made strong resolutions this year to resume blogging (I missed this badly) and more than ever before remain consistent.
So before I start to try to cheese my way out of this funk I darn well explain where and what I have been up to. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t entitled to any form break as I had just birthed this baby and feared the catastrophic plunge it will take on my readership/traffic/followers…

Am explaining myself o!

    Mood Music: We don’t talk anymore- Charlie Putt feat Selena Gomez

A lot of bloggers would write a whole post explaining every reason why they needed to take a pause away from their big white screen, They feel like they need to explain their motives even if blogging is a full time job or a hobby.

Blogging is currently something I do as a hobby on the side of my full time job. For the past months, my real life world has been too demanding ,challenging and ever so dynamic. It has been quite a combat to always come up with inspo to write that will enrich minds while juggling my daily duties as a full time staff, daughter, sister, anuty (see, not wifey yet oo…lol__imagine then).

Unlike the past I’ve learnt not to feel totally guilty or feel like am being begrudged by others for taking hiatus.  For the most part I usually find myself daydreaming about making the next weekly post but when life is really stressful, the best way in other to be efficiently productive is actually to take a break, step back and recharge your creativity. Health is wealth right?

Nondon Hotel,New Haven Enugu.
Breaks are necessary. Its essential whether from blogging or from the real world. Its definitely good to refresh oneself else everything would seem so mundane. Taking break for me means totally reducing my frequency on all social media platforms and try living in my moments. While in those moments I still try to curate pictures, jot down ideas for the next post, and pining inspirations while I can. The best part I love about taking a pause from the online sphere is the refreshed motivation ,zest and the new found love I get when I resume fully.

I’m sorry loves but this is me and life is real so is this. I’d try to always keep enriching your souls with good thought-provoking articles as you peruse the world through my eyes and I hope you constantly encourage me as always to  toggle on.*hand on my chest, eyes closed* The wave of change is about to hit us on our platform; content-wise, scheduling, domain name, layout. So please tag along, my world isn’t far from yours. I’m so excited to be fully back.

Happy 2016!!!

Do you think bloggers deserve to take some sort of break?

…till next time,(Fridays) Pieces of plantain chops and a mini pack of juice to you

*PS, can I gush about how cute the new ‘bachelor’Ben H is*side eye*. He’s so cute. Get to watching if you aren’t.(its on, Monday nights on Abc, for my Naija peeps @ toxicwap.com)

          'My life is my message'- Mahatma Gandhi

17 July 2015


                      Soundtrack: Simi feat Falz-Jamb Question

           Someone dubbed me as 'The Peacock' and poked me with all sorts of funny innuendos all for the sake of ‘unrequited love’. Apparently, without my honest knowing, I had been flustered in bright colours and paraded my myself like  flower in spring. I learnt earlier ’’We cannot all be friends ‘’ in life. Asides from the untoward remarks, I brushed it aside like’ Dude I’ve got 99 problems and I refuse to make you the 100th…lol’’ . With so much spite, I bowed my head to yet another feminism plight and I got to know in an unpleasant way that Females of a certain age are universally not allowed the use of the word ‘NO’ or any relating to such negative response especially to a male proposition. But I’ve got a lot of folk wisdom turning that episode into a phase of self-love.
          In the wake of times like now, where our Male counterpart keep knocking on old wood, claiming ladies aren’t living up to their realest and they, so willingly relishing the power of that bible verse [seven ladies toggling unto one man] now more than ever(total misconceptions BTW). Its almost a taboo for a somewhat Female (single, without-the-ring ) to turn down romantic gestures from a Male. We often hear them whine in disgust, the obstacles and hurdles they overcome and stomach in finding and keeping the ‘ONE’ but the second such approach goes south, a new rage overwhelms them and are now requiring that every ’Hello’ should be replied with a complimentary ‘Hi’ and all proposals should be responded accordingly without so much as a thought.

Sights from Independence Layout

           A common issue for ladies within an acceptable ‘age’ because we’ve been labeled and brandished by various societal pressures but who sets the bar in dissuading us from certain life choices. We dare not out rightly express any resistance or hesitation for fear of being reminded of our ticking biological clocks and the automatic varnish of Men as we tither up in age. Guys God’s gift to Ladies. The unwarranted abuses from the so-called love interest, all in a quick nano-second; love splashes into disgust and then hate and then to the latest word in my vocabulary you’re referred to being in your ‘Flower Stage’. Personally any man that rains abuses on a lady isn’t worth the love from the initials.
Power to all...

        I might not be so much of a romantic but I do love the wooing and attendant initial graa-graa [shakara] that accompanies it from the females. That was basic and expected and as well can be likened to a Peacock; it displays its rich & lovely colours and flaunting around until it feels comfortable to be approached. This fact & style has been lost upon our males all due to impatience and wrong moves which ultimately leads to that not-so-positive response. One of the greatest lessons life keeps teaching us is that ‘’what’s yours is yours but you’ve got to work hard at it to get it. We can either allow ourselves to get stuck wailing ,sulking & licking our wounds from all the failed love attempts or buck up, try again until we strike Gold. A lady is to be seen and not heard they say, suck it up and admire whenever you see us prancing around . We’ll constantly be in a ‘flower stage’ cos we’ve got substance, quality, panache and charisma to showcase. 
Sound off in the comment box, hope am not the only one with such views. Hey Guys chip in too.

Lots of Love...

                                   THANKS FOR READING!!!

10 July 2015


One of the daunting ugly truths from all that we were made to anchor our lives by were those of ‘taking slow paces, life being a progressive reoccurring stage, All Adults were once Teens…Wait’-words to live by. But just like most Teens excited to launch in and explore, those words heed no ears and felt as water poured unto a stone. Growing up can be tricky, happens without one knowing it. Its such a crazy concept and one that has no quick route to it . A phase where thoughts, dreams and opinions are subtly being formed; often times revolving around boobs…boys…booze. Which can be  largely attributed to influence and peer pressure; as such relating to both sexes as I speak not exclusively for the female folk. All for mere experimentation and integration into the society. I quipped in amusement and nudged myself for times where some resilient values still struck a chord. I was made to know better and now I do better- Maya Angelou. I tend to draw straws on how morally-loosed and dilapidated our culture is drifting to, so its aptly suitable I based my premise on that and toll through.

                                       Soundtrack of the moment:Never Grow up: Taylor Swift.

        High Fascination: Its really not a far-fetched theory that teens surrounded by adults almost twice their ages or less are most times influenced and fascinated by what lies beyond, while the adults ‘lovingly’ yearn to play dress up; case in point Miss k Jenner. The roles are often times switched, misplaced and subtly grows into sheer confusion. Sometimes a kid should just 'Kid’ up' and act like it but this is so almost  futile  and unattainable when the said kid’s closet is totally filled with Big Sissy’s 4 inch stiletto and sequins mini -hand me downs.  The innocence is tossed aside and a larger quest replaces it and being conditioned by environment, a line is  crossed. It can be such a trill filling in larger shoes but when a child cry rape and abuse who gets blamed. Keeping in mind appropriateness and moderation ultimately clinches the day.

        Moral decadence: Living in a world where Parental advisory never worked. It’s becoming quite  hard to monitor and put a lock on what its being infiltrated and absorbed from our screens. Its been made way easy to indulge in the XXX rated. We’ve absolutely lost control on what steeps into the public domain all in the name of being socially abreast and being on trend.  Back in the day when affording internet was luxury; sanity existed. But it seems as though now that caution has been thrown into the winds; there are now many ways to cater to ones lusty whim. Every sidewalk seemingly over sexualized as that’s the norm, spewing vulgarity and profanity at the slightest…  This is evidenced in the tons of uncensored materials on the internet, the nonchalant parenting without caution and reprimanding. Young adults who are still aloof at where they should pitch their tent tends to fall prey and sink deep.

        Reverse at best: The truth is at that certain age when we exercised impatience to get life started unto those mundane lifestyle that seemed intriguing enough to indulge in, we often lose track of what’s more important  and the gradual process of metamorphosing and growth-what’s left to see that hasn’t been seen. But as we mature up we realize the loss of these prime years  and we quest for a reversal to make up for time lost. Some adults are terrified of ageing, silently praying for slow-time, we envy these teens with more copious times ahead. We have caught sight of time running against us. The irony of life is the older we get,the younger we wish for and vice-versa. Living life in its stages, then alone can we appreciate it and discard reasons to blurt regrets.  

The Mystery in being  a ‘Young Adult’ cannot be adjudged from the sidelines alone under normal circumstances. Asides from the fore-mentioned,It may still  cut across not by choice especially growing up in homes/society where there s an obvious absence of an Adult figure or where one is expected to always know or assume to know it all without proper coaching. In cases as such kids becomes adults at their teens because of the unforeseen responsibilities they are laden with. Life as a Teen shouldn’t be totally conditioned in lieu of crossing into adulthood in a few but at most monitored. Utmost guidance is pertinent: socially, morally, academically…This goes a long way in curbing the rise in Teen parenting  in our culture and all other vices related (on both sexes). A wise man once said ‘Enjoy your Teens because you have your whole life to be an Adult’ so what’s about the fuss, I wonder.

                 'Children are the future,teach them right'-Whitney Houston.

                                THANKS FOR READING!!!

Keep a date as always.