8 February 2016


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Amusement Park,Jos

Oh No I didn’t

Six months, Lawd!!!

My loves, yes I know, I heard, I’m sorry.

It’s the end of January and I stare at myself and realized I made strong resolutions this year to resume blogging (I missed this badly) and more than ever before remain consistent.
So before I start to try to cheese my way out of this funk I darn well explain where and what I have been up to. For the longest time I thought I wasn’t entitled to any form break as I had just birthed this baby and feared the catastrophic plunge it will take on my readership/traffic/followers…

Am explaining myself o!

    Mood Music: We don’t talk anymore- Charlie Putt feat Selena Gomez

A lot of bloggers would write a whole post explaining every reason why they needed to take a pause away from their big white screen, They feel like they need to explain their motives even if blogging is a full time job or a hobby.

Blogging is currently something I do as a hobby on the side of my full time job. For the past months, my real life world has been too demanding ,challenging and ever so dynamic. It has been quite a combat to always come up with inspo to write that will enrich minds while juggling my daily duties as a full time staff, daughter, sister, anuty (see, not wifey yet oo…lol__imagine then).

Unlike the past I’ve learnt not to feel totally guilty or feel like am being begrudged by others for taking hiatus.  For the most part I usually find myself daydreaming about making the next weekly post but when life is really stressful, the best way in other to be efficiently productive is actually to take a break, step back and recharge your creativity. Health is wealth right?

Nondon Hotel,New Haven Enugu.
Breaks are necessary. Its essential whether from blogging or from the real world. Its definitely good to refresh oneself else everything would seem so mundane. Taking break for me means totally reducing my frequency on all social media platforms and try living in my moments. While in those moments I still try to curate pictures, jot down ideas for the next post, and pining inspirations while I can. The best part I love about taking a pause from the online sphere is the refreshed motivation ,zest and the new found love I get when I resume fully.

I’m sorry loves but this is me and life is real so is this. I’d try to always keep enriching your souls with good thought-provoking articles as you peruse the world through my eyes and I hope you constantly encourage me as always to  toggle on.*hand on my chest, eyes closed* The wave of change is about to hit us on our platform; content-wise, scheduling, domain name, layout. So please tag along, my world isn’t far from yours. I’m so excited to be fully back.

Happy 2016!!!

Do you think bloggers deserve to take some sort of break?

…till next time,(Fridays) Pieces of plantain chops and a mini pack of juice to you

*PS, can I gush about how cute the new ‘bachelor’Ben H is*side eye*. He’s so cute. Get to watching if you aren’t.(its on, Monday nights on Abc, for my Naija peeps @ toxicwap.com)

          'My life is my message'- Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Wait, so you are trying to tell us we have no right to be angry for taking a break on us. Abi? Issokay o. Welcome back dear. We missed you.

    Taking a break off the blogoshere is surely needed once in a while. I specially love the pictures you posted. So beautiful.


    1. Hey dearie...please tender mercy abeg. Thanks for always sticking around. Still missing your podcasts o *tears*

  2. Welcome back girl! I can't stop laughing @ no wifey yet oh. Bloggers so deserve a break and I am just about ready for one. That plantain dish looks so yummy.

    1. Hey Idu...'no wifey yet',then i'be a superwoman,lol Thanks for sticking by. Go on, take a break, don't feel so guilty ,all will be fine.


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