2 December 2014


     This post is coming a tad bit late cos i was supposed to launch yesterday,but it seemed technology has failed me -yet again!But here you have it,my very first post. So i decided to bundle up all the issues and ’higi haga’ happening to us in this nation and to those outside and lock it up; airtight in a safe .Not with the intent of neglect as if am not endeared or affected or not wanting to show a bit of empathy but because I’d realized over time that its best to overlook the bad and focus on the good.  
Well, that’s exactly the words that will strike to memory when that loving moment happens. What better way to start with one of my fav words. I’ll skewily recall my experience ;so I was lazily lounging around the house one quiet afternoon,(was home alone),NEPA has gracefully supplied power; made me to wonder if it was xmas eve. I probably had watched every Tv show that was shown; glancing back at the screen and up next was’ Serendipity’. The title was captivating enough to fill my boring day(uni strike).As I prepared to take my seat and possibly find something to chew away, the light snapped!I remained put hoping in a quick sec power will definitely be back on.To my huge surprise power never came.
                                     Soundtrack of the moment:Natasha Beddingfield-These words.      

   With that strange movie title lingering still in my head,I wonder what it was all about(had only read a brief prologue).Days passed, weeks even. The channel never repeated it. When  I thought I had forgotten about  the weirdly titled movie,it popped up on the screen just from the very beginning.Ha!i leaped with joy,fixated at the screen now, until a loud voice called out my name,tried to ignore it but it wasn’t gonna stop;mum needed me to start making dinner(sighs!).There  goes my fantasy again!Never got around to finishing it.I challenged myself to really finding out what the word actually means; started putting the pieces of the movie together with the hope of completing it in my head .    

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     I had practically adopted this name, used it on textbooks,  at the end of every note.It became my signature. People often wondered what it meant whenever they stumbled on my property,I’ll always refer them to use the dictionary(guess you should too).You see, I not only beared the name serendipity I believed in it, in the fate that propels the word,I needed a replica of the quest, optimism, romance it had. Fortunately or unfortunately I had not been serendipitized(my own English) yet, but am not giving up .It eventually took me two years to finally complete the movie and the storyline was divine(must watch y’ll).So I guess the universe owes me! Thanks to Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack for killing it,it had become my best film of all time.
Wanna welcome you to my very own blog, a first of its kind. With lots of exciting, interesting, life touching and educating features with so much outdoor photos and a peak of music. Promise to get you addicted(in a good way(laughs)),hooked on and never a bore read.

                                                          Thank you for reading!


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