8 December 2014


   Gospel by GQ...
 Except you were hiding under a rock or got stocked in a desert;this, most people are already aware of. Micheal Sam ,the super clad,openly gay,athlete clinched the man of the year award for GQ(he deserves it?);wonder why people nagged at that,i didnt flinched one bit.      
 The eerie part of this feature was him stealing a kiss from his boyfriend on the black carpet. That sparked up quite a huge media frenzy...
Not that he didn't warn us;he clarified his stance in February. This sorta propelled me to resurrect a throw-back campign launched way back in 2010 because as i strolled down the comments section ,i was shocked to see all the bashing he got from folks (trust 9ja people,guess they didn't co-sign) on thatNO H8and this was still a homophobic atmosphere.

         I do not knock this choice of lifestyle neither will i blow his trumpets as am merely trying to be objective;whatever rocks their boat. I don't know the basis of this award or the criteria one has to have to grasp one of these,branding everything from clothes to skin.That's not enough reason to tear him down or as we say it (YAB) him. It takes a strong-willed heart to proclaim itself otherwise.Micheal Sam,though we lost you by default;eye candy can still suffice-right ladies...lol

                  Amy says...Freedom to love does not equate to equal thinking for all..Grant all the freedom to agree to disagree.Its a strange world we live in,be careful about your life choices.

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