11 December 2014

Perfect Junks.

Bey n Kim; Changed it…..
                            Soundtrack of the moment: all bout the bass -Meghan Trainor
     I was so amazed when the video ‘all bout d bass’ dropped on MTV by Meghan Trainor; nice lyrics, clear message. This was a pretty young Brit lady with all her junk in the right places and now she was being put up against some silicone stuffed dolls , one would think she’s acquired all the tough skin she needed to brace herself against all these body image talk. But here she was was singing and raising her voice about these huge comparisons that has trapped our mindsets not that she’s the ist but I really applaud her. However,  guess am so fortunate, but to say am not irked about that archaic mentality it possibly means am in denial .Growing up I had always loved eating; that was my most comfortable niche, I picked up a few weight, but as a kid I could care less then, boarding school clinched in and totally killed my appetite. I would say ’no’ to certain dishes the; foodie master was gone ! My dad was probably the happiest cos I ate voraciously…..

    Kick few years off the chart ; puberty set  in ,thought I was early enough but the curves refused to take form. As I matured up ,I had being within almost the same body weight without any rigorous exercise(if u call stretches n squats exercise)*hides faces*am not a gym bunny. I was taken aback sometimes back when a friend of mine who was one of the original skinnies had gained a few pounds and she said she was loving it-she had met a weight gain diet. Bear in mind that weight issues affects both parties; so for the lads who by reading this ,puff and beat their chest and pretend not to be bothered  should maybe ask Human Ken; why all the surgeries!  Anyways am a fully grown lady and have come to accept my body C,B and 8 figures and embraced all my insecurities-quite comfortable I must say.
     Eating disorders, food issues,weight ups n downs has taken its toll in the western world and its gradually sipping in and dealing with what we’ve always appreciated as Africans due to our cultural background and orientation. Food has been our way of saying ’welcome’, n’safe trip’ n all, our weapon of goodwill. From anorexia to bulimia to starvation, popping pills, smoking weird stuff, taking all sort hunger quenching liquid in the name of Tea, don’t even wanna rant about the extreme-life threatening surgeries,even the Botched doctors tell you when its near danger. People are seriously struggling all in the quest to fit in, keep up and to be seen as healthy. YEEPA! to you who has and has decided to starve.
                                Soundtrack of the Moment: Beyonce- Pretty hurts
    For so long it was the very skinny ,frail model look and that’s what we grew up looking at, thinking that was the general norm ;the size zero dresses sells out fast ,the thinner girl takes home the crown, you’ve to lose a few pounds to be on the cover, ‘you are putting on some weight and its not a good look for our brand’ they say. Then to see women like Bey n Kim who are very successful people and has been criticized about certain life choices .They have really kind of revolutionized what beauty is and have made women to start embracing their body types, helping us understand the beauty in being curvaceous and that you mustn’t be something that you’re not. I’d say kudos! for changing our ideology, giving us a better perception, making us appreciate what was ours from the onset and teaching us  that we should carry our buxom and voluptuous nature with confidence because that’s our pride .Your infamous bodies speak for itself. So I’d say if you GAT it, by all means please FLAUNT it….. Let this not be misconstrued as I do not knock with those who buy into the plastic surgeon’s special and place all that ridiculous vain order, as I know based on the psychology of men that the general ensemble of an endowed lady should consist of silicone stuffed racks, thin waist and fat infused derrieres-hence the strife;  know that the natural looking woman is now on trend.
   These issues can be so frustrating to handle, so my one cent in the matter is never forget to take the healthy approach, start a purge or a cleanse, seek help from professionals and don’t judge yourself harshly cos you’re beautiful inside out no matter what. Be happy with yourself!
                 Amy raves…..You are imperfect. permanently and inevitably flawed.And you're Beautiful.
PS: the pictures are obviously old as marked by my camera timer but i loved the views so i guess it should suffice. BTW who can guess where they taken? 
                                                   Thank you for reading……….. 

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