14 February 2015

My E-Valentine

                Soundtrack of the moment: Elle Goudling-Love me like you do
Happy Val’s day, my fellow  compatriots!!! . We never knew this day will turn out this way because our Presidential Elections were already pre-scheduled for today. Today was a day we had earlier pushed aside n shifted/cancelled plans to next year/next day but imagine how our hearts gladden with joy when our ogas at the top thought it fit to avail us yet another year with mushy –mushy feelings running down our spines. So its fifty shades of grey this year; seems as the 14th of feb is unarguably movie release dates not just random movies, love -themed ones. I suspect this is aimed at getting us in the love mood for most but for the rest it drudges up weird reminders n a whole lot of what ifs. Be it Endless love, valentine day, or blue valentine it fits the period to dole them out and leaves us in swirling mirage of love in the air .I love valentines, I lurve the human I turn out to be cos I  rule off all selfish nature n find myself wanting to spread this message of love n giving back. As a self-confessed sucker for love I get so girly,eager to get swept off my feet by my gallant prince n in tune for all its benefits; flowers, spa-treats, trips , lavish dinners. I dreamed, I wished, emotions ran high.

Pre-expectation: Pinch me, slap me, I still hope just like I had years before; excited as usual that time is won’t be as daunting as the last. We can kid ourselves 364 days stating our contentment n satisfaction in loving our single life, truth is the day is more dreadful to all single ladies(can't say for the lads,cos it takes quite an amount of booze to numb any feeling poking its head out) . We should probably re-name it as Happy Singles Awareness day; sounds more fitting right???. What we will most willing like to do is to indulge in some much needed retail therapy just to overlook the madness of love all around, but it seems as though the universe has gone bonkers; be it a pink/red labeled balloons floating aimlessly, the impulse buyers getting a fix on all things with a V/love sign or perhaps the giant teddy–bears being carried out from the Mall by oblivious teenagers. Am not a cynic but Its quite hard to jive around raving about the pleasantness of singledom.So we wait!
Post-expectation:What's left when all said n done yields none. Men choose,Women Settle-Black girls are easy.Guess as  black single females nearing the DANGER age we are so worried about whats left out there and getting back in the game.That thought of spending the rest of our lives with someone as a matter of convenience isn't the future we anticipated.''Gotta be careful the person you fall in love is worth it to you''-Blue Valentine.Women spend a lot of time and energy waiting or hunting for Mr Right but at the end of the day they are left in panic mode;We have to kiss a lot of frogs to get our prince. At this stage they look beyond the Man's shortcomings,all she wanted was a good Man,a sturdy one with a steady job,he provides,he cares,what more could she possibly ask for...TDH? that ship has sailed.This stage we are more astute of who we are,what we want,where we intend to be,Man or no Man;a girl can only dream dreams...
With the days leading up and days after we live with clouds of serendipity hovering,misconceptious signs aiming at us...its only natural to want to join in the teeming crowd searching/loving THE ONE.I refuse to couch this willful desires as shallow needs;if you seem unperturbed and unmesmerized by all the magic & madness then you might wanna check that head...lol.Who does the day really favour more,Male or Female?The 14th will come and definitely go but i hope that each other day we will all still remain crazy,stupid in love... but before then am sticking to my fix on a marathon of movies;E-Valentine... where i can go make beautiful,& cherished memories suitable for future references. Share some Love!!!
                    Amy Raves:  Ist Corinthians 13 vs 1-8

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  1. reading your posts just inspires me and gave motivation to my day ♥
    Have a great day ahead dear!

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