19 March 2015


It seems as though anytime I refuse to bat a side eye, feminism takes a plunge  further into the back seat. I ,however have refused to nip or tuck my pen on this matter but continue to spread the message as a right, a gift, equality to both sexes regardless of race ,class or what have you. We should all be called feminists; know that this transcends beyond race or class,though the debate about which has more dwindling effect on our being is still on.
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Quite recently I did stumble on Miss Adiiche’s latest work which as usual was littered with literary nuances,thought-provoking and refreshing words, was completely fascinated and utterly blown away{she literary brings back an urge to fight on}. Its quite liberating to know that she and many  more out there keeps being the voice of reasoning on this subject matter. The oppression of women that she so fights for is always being magnified because we are the only group that lives in intimate association with our oppressors…am in awe of her.

It doesn’t take that long to realize how deep we are with our patriarchy nature -the world generally. Being that's  absolutely unacceptable to roam around town without referring to Men as Sir probably prostrating if you have to…but we the women are lucky to be even recognized like we existed. The huge misconception of feminism is that it is an only Female –plight and a Man-hating platform which many refuse to be identified or associated with. WRONG! Feminism directly confronts the idea that one person or a set of people [has] the right to impose the definition of reality on others. Truth is we all inherently are. I recalled vivdly when I initially started advocating for women, I prided myself as one but during an office banter, some male colleagues politely dusted out my opinions stating that diverse cultural backgrounds negates our rants for equality as there s a place and level for women ;we just can’t be equals…Well I beg to differ. We do not ask favors for our sex, all we ask of our brethren is that they take their feet off our necks.
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 Cultures that seem to harshly reprimand young girls publicly on the event of rape or abuse with strokes of cane blaming it solely on their appearance; those that purposely relegate certain job titles as ‘Male’ only or the ones that constantly praise them thereby garnering them into acquiring wives, as a favour to us  ,we just cant turn deaf ears really .

A bewildered me met huge culprit who apparently was lost on the meaning of ‘monogamous’. On one breezy evening, I had decided to just feed my eyes with the sights and sounds at the Enugu Intl Trade Fair. I was so happy to have reached a fair bargain on the purchase of a bracelet with a ‘Mallam’ (Muslim male). As I waited for my balance, I decided to strike small talk with him which later ensued into a really lengthy discussion…with all the chasm in his voice; all I heard was ’I have two wives, will marry two more…i did them a HUGE favour else who will?’ He was part of the oblivious mass in the northern part of Nigeria stuck on the age-long rule of polygamy. With little or no form of Education ,no skills these women at a very tender age are tossed into the back as baby-markers/housewives. It took a lot of vigor and convincing to drive this message home, apparently it was odd & abominable to hear otherwise.
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I have learned to handle these sensitive issues with tact, more than that I also know that you need not be an anti-man to be a pro-woman. As  always I aspire to keep inspiring, be it; the 16 year old hiding away marks from an abusive BF with Mac, the college girl being bullied and threatened by her lecturer if ever exposing a breached boundary/violation or the single mum whose baby girls are being molested by her PIMP BF. We musn't be a rose in a man’s lapel. No one gives it to you ,you have to learn to take it.

Raise the bar for us, Empower and  Uplift and Equate us, Let our lights shine and don’t demean our worth. Feminism cuts across more than we presume and largely eradicates poverty, hunger, misery etc I challenge the Lads to be the fore-most flag-bearer in championing this feat!

Amy Rants… Freedom to equal rights for both sexes, Politically, Socially, Economically. I pipe down not until the bar is raised.

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  1. God bless you for this piece. It couldn't have been written better. Just that I fear this feminism ish may never cease. I see it virtually every where. I hope for the best though!


    1. We can only do so much,but its the thought that counts...Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Preach!
    Gender equality, all day, everyday!


  3. Oh My God, I can swear that this post just reminded me of the argument I had with a male colleague yesterday who also believes marrying more than one wife is doing the women a favour and the one that threw me off was when he said that men were allowed to cheat and not be questioned by the society but women would never dare it, all they have to do is accept their fate. I was outraged and told him so. I just can't understand why people are oblivious to the fact that this kind of divided isn't healthy and would brew hate between the two sex with exposure and all right now.


    1. Well said Girl...to think that we have to constantly defend ourselves with this age,time & exposure is simply shocking, who made them gods over us i keep asking, Thanks for stopping by.

  4. It's beautiful :)

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