2 April 2015


I watched an episode of ‘BEING' Wendy Williams over the weekend on the BET Network; she has uniquely remained a huge formidable force in the media not just because of her vocal guts but she literally strived to work to have her name as one of the best in the business. One of the ‘high’ points of the clip was when she abruptly broke down recounting her years with drug abuse and addiction which led the depression ‘a wide eyed mess’ like she called it plus the reoccurring periods that her family and colleagues sensed it but none could brazen up and confront her about it.

However, I reached my breaking point having to constantly watch Rob Kardashians go on & off to the deep end, majorly because I couldn’t fathom how he could not be happy…This is someone that comes from a wealthy family that can be likened to an onion, an open book revealing several deep layers of his life on TV, a pretty modest one at that. Still, my heart broke, an overwhelming shock left my sangfroid mind when the media was littered with news of Andreas Lubitz- a depressed/psychotic co-pilot who intentionally rammed his German wing plane into the mountains , killing about 150 innocent passengers, but I digress{ doesn’t validate his deranged reasons}. This post is not aimed at promoting a culture where one utterly admits to depression, dwelling in one’s failure  rather it’s bound to enlighten us to accept our flaws, aspire to continue and more generally , pause and live up to the whole essence of life- a free & selfless living. I had to scale the wall on this subject matter as I have no professional attestation to nibble unto, so based on a few animated confessions I decided to scribe my thoughts, pardon me for any loopholes; nonetheless here goes.  More fewer words has been used to describe it; an invisible illness that interferes with everyday life –over long periods of time or in regular bursts. It’s quite hard to understand its severity, some termed it as trivial or

dismissing its thought all together.
Being from an African descent it is somewhat stigmatized and frowned upon in our culture; a product of sin/devil, nothing that cannot be cured through spiritual invention. However I have been more exposed to its symptoms (helplessness, crying, anxiety, insomnia etc.) and the gripping effects it has on its victims to know the emotional hurdle one has to swallow or otherwise risk being termed ‘Mental’.  Am not a happy -go –lucky. I admit! Some days we have low moral to rise and be on the go, less enthused about what /nought lies ahead; not everyone chiming to Pharell’s Happy is truly, deeply happy. That said, I have also learnt that one can’t quantify happiness with materialism. Glittery attitude personas often cry themselves to sleep. The need   to put up a façade of an easy-goer is often amplified in the media where everyone glides & jives around like the queen while deep seated fiery weary lies awake;but then that seems to be a comfortable well where we seat ,toss all our life problems & claim to be sad in our feelings. .

We are all experiencing/fighting personal battles which why it’s advised to always seek care or help. Might not have the best words at the moment to relate but an eye contact, a quick ring, an assurance that it gets better until they have the courage to say it to themselves is a worthy step in the right direction. It doesn’t mean that one is a weak emotional creature or it exposes your vulnerability; it simply reveals that  we possess more strength even in our weakness and it affords us the courage to want to keeping standing. Its best to dissuade all thoughts of self-sufficiency and dependency because it takes a village to make a Man. In my little-perfect –mind world I have been so bogged down in my own issues to even look sideways, perhaps I’ve been so blinded by fickle appearances and cheeky smiles to ask beyond ‘How are you’ or converse passionately probably wise to divulge more than just inquiring about the most mundane things through BBMing, Skyping and Facebooking; but am willing to do better. I am in no way fixed , so is everyone out there but maybe the problem would have been half solved had I opened up to someone who offered a forum of solace, hopefully without any form of judgment or bias but of pure intent for me to lean instead. My Christian faith has thought me that the most dependency and wholesomeness one can get is in Christ! With that as a watchword I have resolved to  never give in to wallowing, or drudging in self-pity but instead be ready and face each day squarely. He will never give us more than we can chew or less that it won’t be enough.

AMY RAVES…   At the same time we are obligated to extend a hand of freewill to the next, bearing in mind that this too shall pass; enrich and uplift our souls to lap up this mile so the view at the end will definitely be worth it. 

                                                    THANK YOU FOR READING!!!


  1. These people fear being judged at, speaking to someone about your problems isn't easy for everyone especially for people with low self esteem. Often times they come to you based on trust...


    1. Am totally aware,we must do more to reach deep and truly show concern to the next person. Its the approach that really tells the yield.
      Thanks for taking time to read.

    2. nice post!


  2. Love love love this post. We as human beings should learn to understand other pple's needs, give a helping hand and not judge. #me&mypoorsister


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