19 June 2015


                        ‘’Breathe out, Breathe in
                          -American oxygen; 
                          sweating for a nickel and a dime, 
                       turn it into an empire.’’- Rihanna
We can all agree that the most widely misconstrued notions, we from this side of the ocean has been fed for ages now is that we can be anything at all, once we set foot outside the shores of our abode…They LIE! This is one fallacy that been damning our minds, numbing our fingers and crippling our legs because we better be occupied trying to get the wheels in motion to inhale that American oxygen than stress. With the overly surge of death crashes from migrants trying to get across to these First World countries of late; I see no better time to address and tackle this ever prevalent issue. The quest  to reside on Greener Pastures.


Quite on the contrary; Life isn’t easy ANYWHERE and I state that for a fact. Life is really what one makes of it, regardless of where you lay your head. That’s why the poor soul in the village seems more giddy and content because he’s got enough for his household for the day. We’ve been misled by the fact that just as one crosses the seas, the hustle becomes somewhat light, our minds being coarsed and stocked up from all the harboring and envisioning of the flamboyant imageries of what the lifestyle is. No thanks to Hollywood for the mirage and façade it portrays;  a dollar propelling environ  lavished in gold and colour and that causes us subtly to start building pipe dreams of countries we may never inhabit. Nah!, the strive most times becomes doubled. Wealth isn’t that instantaneous or acquired on a whim ,there has to be some element of hardwork and diligence. 

Soundtrack of the moment: Show me love (America)- The Wanted.

 But I can’t pretend like these fascinations don’t hit a bone, it does; the crispy air, enchantingly pretty streets, accents that makes one seem brilliant, the unending variety of foods and drinks. At the same time, I like to think they too are quite intrigued by ours but then again living out my dream and working hard for the environment I happen to be in is far more relatable and profitable than risking it all out in the open sail. For one thing one becomes appreciative of the world out there and witty in areas of geography. YES, I adore and admire, NO; I refuse to sow my hustler energy negatively all in a bid for residency. The beauty of life we forget most times is that to every pro there’s a con. Just like we look up to these countries relishing on their world-class society and stable governance; our ethical, moral groundings and cultures keeps us up and not that much can be said vice-verse.
In all totality, we ought to, should be appreciative and embracing the encumbrances of the life we sojourn on. Reality dawned at the realization that we are all battling challenges, setbacks, growths in different schemes and spheres both home and abroad. Paying no mind and dispersing all these told fantasies of the so –called ‘Promise Land’ that will both intimidate and impede our steps in achieving more. So, to the underdog combing the internet on a daily looking for who to swindle, the damsel latching unto that pot-bellied billy ,old enough to father her and to all those jumping and hopping unto the Mediterranean, have a re-think and evaluate if its worth is in gold weight, know that all we really need to survive here has been provided, harness those resources and make good use of it. Hardwork is a necessary tool for success; the question is to which ‘work’-positives or the negatives.

       If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door- Milton Berle.

                        THANKS FOR READING!!!


  1. And some people think it's an achievement to reside over there! Even those that have spent decades with nothing to show for it....
    I agree with you, life is what you make out of it whether here or in diaspora


    1. Well said Nkem..Thanks for taking time to read.


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