12 June 2015


      Soundtrack of the moment: Fans Mi by Davido feat Meek Mill.

Far from the title, this isn’t a musical review though my two cents will be; when will Davido just admit that he was born with a silver spoon? Dude! We are not judging, so stop making us feel bad for ‘dem’ days of no cash…lol. Anyways, this might not be my preachy-preachy post because its something I too have been a tad bit guilty of in the past. I use to be a full-fledged celebrity e-follower; spinning, grinding and gliding (not a fanatic) but I was loyal, defending their good, bad, ugly to an extent. But I started to see the cracks in the works and that prompted me to wake up and smell the coffee. Ah Yes! I see clearly now and I know they are no different from being just HUMANS. An all-rounder that applies to sports/music/fashion/religion icons etc. Home and abroad. Am not all for tarnishing their crafts ( not at all) but highlight ways where we innately may be partaking in the brut from their grave misgivings.
 Eucalyptus garden at Independence layout Enugu.

Let it be known that its no mean feat what our darling celebs do to maintain their authorities but living in a society that’s more interested in their intricate and personal details; one’s bound to poke more. We are now at a moment in our culture where public persona is a commodity, where celebs from foreign cultures tend to be more prestigious than ours. You see, we grew up with the notion that they are non-superficial, perfect and flawless. They’re being placed on a pedestal and idolized. We look to them for the latest/fanciest trends but in the retrospect should we? Should the world just tag along and nod to their every belief just because of the influence they command. This is one fact that has laced our sights that we can no longer differentiate and call a spade what it is. The line between right and wrong is so blurred because we choose to glorify that the bad and deride the good; that’s more exciting.

The sad truth is that we are more enthralled by celebs with bad reputation than those who are excellent role models. The crux of the matter remains that we will continuously religiously be influenced by these mere mortals. Most times not knowingly because we strive to go all out and replicate their exact lifestyle; don’t want to get started on the absurd surgeries. Be it Bey’s decision to turn vegan, Flavour’s drive for procreation without due formalities, Mikel Obi’s great-no-goal scoring tactics rubbing off on our national teams or Kim K; constantly trying to justify beauty through nudity. Its always something. Heck! If we have to copy/learn why not the positive sides or moreso, question it and see if it suits your lifestyle instead of pledging on, head first. I might not concur to their every opinions and decisions but I give them their due respect and move on…
At the risk of sounding like a complete fundamentalist (the Bible is still the utter truth);If anyone has to emulate morals/values on a grounded standing, it’s the best for reference purposes. In everything acquire wisdom and understanding. A good example will be when Larry King suffered from a heart attack and told his audience how that prompted him to quit smoking; he inspires. But not that much can be said as to Miley insists to keep infiltrating our screens with fish nets and nipple pasties as clothing. We all ought to see clearly now. That being said Bey’s ‘I WAS HERE’ still tops on my playlist but that doesn’t mean am switching my diet or giving up meat anytime.

                                   ''All that matters is that I do good’’. 

Love,peace and more love.
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  1. I mjust say you are a very good writer that's for sure and it's sad that most of the time we forget our own celebrities and pay too much attention to foreigners.

    1. Thanks for the compliment Sophie,am humbled... Often times these things elude us,we have to always re-evaluate our beliefs...

  2. I agree with Sophie your writing skills are amazing. All great points you have hear and I agree with you, while I check up on celebrities from time to time I'm not exactly influence by what they do and I don't think we should. The sad thing is that most of the famous celebrities ate not good role models as you've mentions. I guess it's because bad news sells better.
    Princess Audu

    1. Exactly! bad news is good press. Thank for taking time to read & for the compliment,am flattered.


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