27 December 2014

Merry Merry.

Eziowelle, Idemili north
                    Soundtrack of the moment: Band aid 30-Do they know its Christmas
It probably will take my readers a moment to suss the direction of this post but i will try to be clear with simple yet firm vocabulary as I know this will probably be read while lounging around or relaxing while you gather your thoughts on how much fun you’ve been having this yuletide -so here goes nothing. For the First time in so many years i was so elated to hit this villa-life. Was in dire need for some R&R; Rest n Recuperation. But as an African and the concept of rest is so lost upon us. As much I enjoyed tagging along I have come to find these trips as tiresome & exhaustive because one spends half of your time out here repairing the house trying to bring it back to what it was and the other half attending to countless guests who will definitely drop by upon receiving news that you’ve returned home. Be that as it may-am completely satisfied! its been worth the while.
         As a Christian  I try  to live everyday with the motive to embody the fruit of the spirit in my conduct and speech. So observing this period in its true content of spirituality because of its pre-basis for my salvation is one thing I do not play around with. Am a bit of a maverick myself , there is more that meets the ears; that is what I thought when I took a listen to this song. Note that this is not a musical preview or some form of marketing scheme but I thought it wise to draw our attention. Am not going to pipe down on the legacy of this period…Jesus Christ is the reason for this season, contrary to the clerics who would have you believe that there is actually none; calling it unscriptural &idolatrous. That thesis is quite far beyond my reach as I have no theological nor pastoral attainment, but the tone of its commercialization I totally object to. I guess it begs the question DO THEY KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS?
Igwe's Palace

Gift presentation@ the Offalla festival
Had to take a pix with this man n the trunk-looks so real.
Despite critics calling it a condescending collabo, a smug/white wash line-up of British talents propelling a consumer product flag portraying Christmas as all about Santa, food and candy etc. I still find their work soulful with a huge message not just because I love all things British but you have to actually be a par to get the message. It’s a bit too patronizing, painting our continent as frozen and stuck in time I agree;really had issues at the beginning with that title though-‘Do they know its Christmas’, but am grasping its meaning in bits of what they had in mind, this song was made to reflect the currents Ebola virus epidemic we are facing in West Africa which has gradually spread through to other parts of the world with all its proceeds going towards battling it.So in true fashion here’s my RnR: 
                        Soundtrack of the moment: Mariah Carey-All I want for Christmas
Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually aimed at bringing good Christmas cheer. This might not be an appropriate time to reiterate these facts but when is it ever. Africans and the World is losing people due to this virus daily, so as we merry let’s not forget those gone and dying. Remember them in prayers and kindness.
I agree that there are too many mediocre records out already there when there are quite a number of fast-productive ways to donate. I guess it could be a bit disingenuous of people to turn round and say we shouldn’t do  anything or sit back and watch it all happen or wait for all those countries that pledged aid and refused to give it so far, so if singing sends that message and gets us all on our feet and effect a change –then great.
HEY! Its Christmas after all and that inevitably seals the deal. Raise your glasses to everyone and be thankful for a peaceful world ; we should let in light and banish shades, fill it with hope, comfort & lots of kisses n fun. So, here’s to us and all our years to come!!!
                                   Amy Raves... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO  YOU AND YOURS!!!

                                                           Thank you for Reading!!!!

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