1 January 2015

Me,Myself,n I!

First and Foremost before i start saying too much...Happy New Year! dearest readers (we definitely need a name like an a.k.a.)
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      Being my very first post and as fate will have it,it fell in our usually scheduled post day;how interesting. So as duly expected of me,new year and all I think it wise to commerce with a resolutions themed post(with a twist of course). I'm a list-connoisseur as i do previous years back;after taking a long mental note of resolutions ,adjustments & improvements about life but as we all know ,six months before the year tithers away those accomplishments become relative. There are goals that I've set this year as a way of gauging my personal development but i wont draft them as resolutions. This is because there's no guilt attached if i fail because i believed the 'one step at a time is totally the best way to go'.
     So instead of subjecting myself to another crash diet of drafting another New Year dos & donts- crash; like it implies am gonna try to abstain from this drastic yearly overhaul of lifestyle. Nothing changes that fast ;slow and steady I'd say. Life is not a struggle or a competition. It's better to stand firm on already set core values accepting our current position and growing a feeling of self -satisfaction.
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 I've definitely grown in the past few years; to know that life is full of up's & down's and that if wishes were horses beggars will ride on. So it's time to get most realistic and map out routes that will aid me in attaining more this 2015. Regardless of what we are resolved to,I think procrastination is the bane to whatever successes we are aiming at. Prayer, hard-work and determination should be our watchword and never forget to wear patience as our second self. At the end,it all boils down to the fact that we appreciate what we have and where we are.

   The underlying message I hope to share with you can be wholly summarized as 7 cardinal rules of life as this helped me rule out all negating factors impeding the process of self-development. But in the meantime as a newbie on the blogger-ville i thought i let you guys in on my resolutions to be a good blogger on this platform however;
Find more creative & life -related posts to engage you in.
Be more colorful;outdoor,adventurous pictures,pleasant musicals and soulful quotes.
Grow in vocabulary & simplicity as I really love writing. The English language is broad and extensive.
P.S Feel free to chime in what resolutions you think will be great for our blog.

Amy Raves....Here's to us and a fruitful,prosperous.wonderful ,entertaining n peaceful 2015!!!
                                                        Thank You For Reading......

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