15 January 2015

Feel the Heat...

I thrust myself into the winds of this new year with great strengths and vigour filled with high hopes of soaring far & conquering much!This post was inspired by this guy's determination plus a commitment i made myself few months back. Seeing as i don't reside in the diaspora where chances are enormous to the least and being here where every professional constantly scathily critiques you on the paper and your profession could seem irrelevant/relevant per seconds past;as my hope dwindles n my candle diminishes gradually i decided to nudge You & I up a notch.

             ''I am learning everyday to allow the space between where i am  & where I want be   to inspire me and not terrify me''.   -Tracee Ellis Rose. 
I aspire to inspire though am well aware that am not the only one who has drank the kool-aid n participated as specimen in the Fed.Govt's lab called(NYSC) and now finally joined the band wagon and angrily jamming the lyrics to Mj's 'they don't really care about us';forgive my sarcasm but i saw through their every moves...I equipped myself mentally,spiritually& financially as if have measured the extent of this trail and in much preparedness i even adopted the mantra 'wear patience like Sarah'...But fear has a way of trudging one through a life of falsehood,denying us the liberty of joy,hope n dreams.
            'Courage is the choice to act in faith while fear is present'.  -Anonymous.
 Being  a newly-minted graduate/ex-corp swimming in the sea of uncertainties,doubts and resounding N.O's ;its quite difficult because we live in a world that teaches us that our futures are within our autonomous control,dependent on our pro activity,ability to network or the individual's intuitive judgement.Part of my year 's resolution veered around self-satisfaction and contention but comparism hasn't left me enough rooms to indulge. It is really the thief of joy. Trying hard to curb and nip these habits while some of my camaraderie are already deep-necked assuming their graduate roles stating apparently that am in losing game with time,while some are being whisked away to vacations turned marriage...last December was pure torture,Yet I live!The paths we choose are from our conscious reasoning.

Commuters taking the London tube, celebrating the No Pants day.
'If you saw the size of the blessing coming you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting.'-Anonymous.
So am taking it all in,absorbing every trails ,prepping myself up so when the opportunity presents itself I'll ace it. So till next time when we will be forced to watch President G and  General B slug it out and dole out their intentions,policies and plans for after school grad programs during their debate(sure to bring my cup of coffee) i hope my strengths ,wits.zeal withstands this scourge.

'By preservance the snail reached the ark ' -Charles Spurgeon.
Photo credit: Google.
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