8 January 2015

Too much ,Too soon...

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Its a crazy calm world we live in,this feeling got me flustered while am still struggling to understand the rationale between sharing details of  personal encounters with total complete strangers...This post was born after i made an impromptu early visit to the dentist with my sissy.
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We had prior plans to arrive early to be attended to which only seemed practical to a bit  as the' first come first serve' rule was duly applied. To our part-dismay the early bird proverb doesn't quite sit well in this part of my world,we had to obviously stand and wait for the attendants to arrive and in that somewhat long but snappy period of time i think i could virtually describe an awaiting patient's personality. This is not a self-righteous type of hype as to vindicate myself like as not as guilty to itch for a bit of morning gossip(God forgive me...lol)i try to heed to my own advice ;tough,but not until i hit a mental pause button. But in that few moments,total strangers who Lord know have no blood ties whatsoever bonded over mere cheap,vain morning chit-chats. I sighed from nought to infinito but these chicas seemed far too engrossed as their passions deepen. Am very much in touch to this snazzy situations as complete strangers oblivious of who you are start conversations in a bid to pass time or get various opinions on current,relevant/irrelevant issues in some tick-tact environs with or without any kind of formal nudge or invitation.

Enugu Golf course
Am not a very passionate conversationalist as am often lost in the line of discussion or when i apply tact and restrain myself from vocalizing all my thoughts.But when is it really 'too much too soon' as peeps tends to slide over and give unsolicited personal experiences to create more vivid understanding to the issues at hand;forgetting that this in turn can back-fire & turn into an unforeseen battle of words or raise grounds for dubious acts/blackmail and fraud. The stranger you meet today could turn into an excellent help or an over-bearing nag ;we mustn't all be pals. This scenarios is often predominant among females as most tends to find it engaging enough to indulge in; contrary to the male counterparts who are not quickly ticked to throw in the first words...this is not to validate their shut-up n-look attitude as guys have to be propelled a bit over some form of refreshment be it to feed the eyes or stomach.The former is often a quicker incentive.
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Serene environment for golf without golfers...
 We should watch what we say & how we act keeping abreast of the facts that we are out of  our privates and into the public domain no matter how we feel about the situations. However its still a far outcry as many feel solutions and watch-words raised in that 10mins anger-fueled passionate heat offs actually gets back to the main original parties who might scrap bits of our words and apply it...why is that?,we are humans with a viewpoint...err mmm, we love to be so opinionated with lots of home truths,or we want to air it anyways & damn the consequences. Truth is the parties involved make their beds straight at night and home runs has been made long ago. So to all politico-talk mashers,sports lovers,easy chill-spill chatter boxes & the good old gossip cravers I'd say moderation in all...

Amy Rants... Be careful how much we share in short amount of time to complete strangers.Energy dispelled into cheap talks can be conserved and put to good,productive use.

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