23 January 2015


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 I think long and hard and have always heeded to my own wise words to continue to find more creative and engaging content for YOU my audience, far beyond the fickle realm of fashion  & beauty-No pun intended though. I aspire to inspire through my works; not to seem so opinionated as to shove my ideas down your throat. But with the increasing quest and unflattering desire for perfection I dare to air my own views and  give my own fair quarter to society .This post was born after my stay at Jos where it seems the people in that particular demographic are not yet in tuned with what other ’exposed’ part are into.
   I probably could say ignorance is bliss but on this subject I make no mistake to assume for them; they are very much entuned. I took a stroll one evening and quite a few people that passed us by, I had to exclaim more than once and my friend asked “what’s that ?” I replied coyly “mehn that girl is really dark, all these white people will see her and be bound by instinct, nature  to discriminate without even knowing it”. He sighed and said “well these people are really dark”.
    It got me thinking to how society has shifted our senses. White beauty is epitomized in beauty-land. I had to question what our fate was left on because we are in this by no doing of ours -*rolling my eyes to those who think we are cursed with a dark skin and won’t be referred  to as black*.I am no saint, so to say I have not envied or wished anytime I pick up a magazine with everyone screaming how pretty the girl on the cover is just because she s somewhat on the lighter side is denial. The dexterity of beauty couldn’t be over-emphasized; beauty pageants, advert publication heightened these absurdities. Too many beauty shops and items springing up and beckoning on us tirelessly; you mustn’t be waded on cash to get your  hands on a bottle of lightening or enhancing products. From the salesperson to the very attractive packaging of the contents, so enticing; our plight for beauty seems so endless.
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      The street corners filled enchantingly with someone constantly signaling at you as “Nwanyi Ocha”(fair lady) which puts our mind in a swirling mood as ME? and then leaves a thought lingering in your head “am actually fair oh”. I should do something more. What was generally considered as pretty back in the days lies in the colour of the skin .Applause and more rounds of applause to all those who has stood strong against the tides and didn’t succumb to this siege.
       I may be lost, or out-dated or old schooled but bearing in mind how sensitive this issue is and seen a lot of cosmetic surgery, argumentation gone wrong and with so many media-preached graphics and documentations that still justify this.I won’t judge neither will I point accusing fingers; I guess there are obviously deep rooted reasons that will compel anyone to alter his/her body complexion or just plain ignorance mixed with no self-love. Knowledge, they say is power; we should get equipped with details before leaping into this adventure.BTW, Black is the white...lol.
            Amy rants in the words of Dallas Willard: You can live opposite of what you profess , but you can’t  live opposite of what you believe…                                                 
                                                   Thank you for reading………..


  1. I'm not sure I fully understood the point of this post...
    You started off judging people by the colour of their skin then concluding that their choice to alter it is flawed? Surely, they felt the need to alter it because people like you thought they were too dark?
    Or am I missreading your writing?

    BLEURGH - www.bleurghnow.com

  2. Hi onyxsta,its pretty obvious you misread me,i am not judging them or asking people to alter their colour,would never.Am merely being objective n applauding those sticking to their true colours,whatever rocks their boat...i'd try & infuse more clarity to avoid confusions..Thanks for the visit though,hope you come back...


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