9 April 2015


Change is the law of life,those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future-John.F.Kennedy.

Am a sucker for change, I often tend to cling and savor onto the past things; most of the time I claim to loathe it but when the things takes a turn for the better am up for delving face down and welcoming the fresh start. Apologies if my political stance has not been somewhat clarified here on out, I dabble a bit and around it. But am here to shed light on the hazardous warning signs that juxtaposed word lit up more recently. I must say that up until now I was a tad bit calm, nursing my  battered Good luck wounds, biting my tongue and swallowing my words- Accept the things you cannot change. I had all at bay & was willing to tail the band wagon with my broom, but this incoming dispensation struck a nerve and awakened a greater fear in me much contrast to the previous that constantly swayed me and still left me in penury.(Naija readers will get the point quicker).
Manual Briquetting machine
Materials required: Crushed Coal, Biomass(sawdust,groundnut shelling;any one can served),Bitumen & Water.
The recent monotonous words and shifting accusations, attitudes, towards a particular a tribe has kept my part of the world buzzing, littered with back and forth replies and opinions opening doors to a lot of unbecoming comments*Sighs*. Case facts:  Tunde's claim on Piracy,Oba of lagos ethnocentric  PAWN’d jabs; all are caricature acts laced with fear. Not fazed by the words of my bullies but by their actions. Make no mistake, I’m all for all tribes as I speak/write largely about racism, tribalism & gender equality. The recent political line-ups in the country had me questioning my being-not just as an individual but as an Igbo Girl…I refused to joined the oblivious lot in denying the fact that we have been illy side-blinded, marginalized moreso tossed far off; but this isn’t a bad blood political rant,more like a reminder…I digress.


                                Soundtrack of the moment: People like us-Kelly Clarkson
We are all to familiar with the saying ‘together we stand, divided we fall’ sure resonates all too loudly; even the Holy Book made us understand that the 'head cannot stand without the neck'. It notable that while the champagne is popping and cupcakes are baking and we, cheering to the beginning of a new era, we all are indeed indignant to one another. Those who aren’t fans of convoluted dictions/metaphors/proverbs might cringe a bit; we have in times past shared in this plight and currently living in a reoccurring realm of life. So much has happened in our lifetime, its odd to just comprehend how much we’ve witnessed-30 years down the line. The crux of the matter lies in breaking down the shattered old barns (masked in inferiority/superiority) and building up a much stronger tower where everyone is whisked along.

However what I pose to you is to pay them no mind, it is only a distraction in achieving set goals as a nation, a ploy to divert our attention from the real enemies; greed, misappropriation of funds etc. a hind sight view on our cores issues. I chime along to the whispers of need, growth ,change chorused by the majority languishing while they indulge on us like board games; we must remain true to ourselves, hoping that the incoming waves hit us real good. Never giving into our lustful longings thereby clouding our sensibility, or toning down on the zeal to thrust ourselves back on and move forward. Am non- partisan in nature-wont start now, but at the risk of making grand prophesies or giving instant gratifications; fact is-we are stuck with a 72 year old for the next four years or more*sniffles* not saying we should expect an eureka moment where everything magically gets fix and in order but it can only take our deliberate cooperation and willingness to good service.
Final Products.
 Faith is a matter of personal choice; a path I have chosen to walk in, and I hope we all do even as we change gears and trust that the ‘change’ we most yearn for has come and reaches us in good spirits.

Amy Raves… The moment we start acknowledging each other as equals , the bane in our successes and riveting accomplishments will be completely broken.

P.S As a practicing Chemist and Environmentalist,i thought it wise to showcase practical ways of producing an alternative source of energy. Biomass Briquettes can be useful for virtually all things involving energy(cooking,grilling etc) and it's environment friendly(less emission of carbon monoxide). For more info watch here

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  1. Hmmn, change is essential... I got carried away with your interesting photos while I was reading through. That's is a great initiative and I bet it's gonna be environmental friendly.


    1. The aim isn't defeated...learning all around! Glad...Thanks for always stopping by,sorry for the late reply.

  2. I for one do not advocate for anybody/party,i am solidly for the betterment of this country(a person crawling at 54,soon to be 55, is very very abnormal), we've heard many manifestos,promises,blah blah blah,since forever. It is time we become a nation to be reckoned with,a developed nation. Whoever has been ordained to do dat,i couldn't care less,i just want RESULTS,shikena. #me&mypoorsister

    1. Hey menmypoorsister lol...happy you can relate to the post. So much said,now its time for clear actions,so tired of their long grammar! Thanks for taking time to read& sorry for the late reply.

  3. I totally agree with this post. As an Igbo girl, I was totally appalled by statements made prior to the elections and the most hurtful were by people who you have lived with all your life agreeing to these statement. I am all for change and growth and I am neither a GEJ fan or GMB fan but a fan of a better Nigeria which I can't currently see but hope will emerge soon. We need to educate ourselves that regardless of our religion or ethnicity, we all make up this great country and it is with all of us on board that this country can succeed (not with some of us). Sorry for the epistle.


    1. Hey Amaka,i dont mind the epistle...pour your heart out dear!...They keep creating a divide and we fall victims all the time...Surely the Oba knew exactly what he meant but that's past now,we await so much,faith is in the right place,hoping they keep to their words & deliver. Sorry for the late reply.


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