19 April 2015


My Apologies...Our regular scheduled posts days are on Thursday except otherwise,this post is terribly belated;I have been hooked onto a zillion things per minute(the Lord is my strength). So right into it..shall we.
With a hop and a skip, I quickly reminded myself that I had earlier made resolutions to be more out there; that obviously would require me to take a pause from the e-world, take a moment to really appreciate life, nature & let it reel in. But sadly, its been a long minute since my last outdoor enriching experience. I could blame it on the lax of zeal and fond use of my Google apps(never gets me lost),I feel like i could comb the city well…the heck of it. However, comfort zone is a beautiful place ,but nothing ever grows there(knowledge, Witt, experience).

As a historian, my adventurous mind keeps wondering…’whats new?’, ‘where s the latest edifice’(pun intended-they make good pictorial background...lol). For several years, I had been bored. A dense blanketing malaise .  I feared! It seemed to me that there was nothing new to be discovered again. Our society was utterly ,ruinously derivative.We might be the first human beings who would never see anything new for the first time. I cant recall a single amazing thing I saw first hand that I didn’t immediately reference to Tv commercial/show or a movie. I can say I have literally seen it all(not in total sense though )but you see those of blessed in the era of internet, gadgets ,et’all .The secondhand experience has proved to be always better. The image is crisper, the view is keener, the camera angle and the soundtrack manipulate my emotions in a way reality can’t anymore. In my dull-eye, underwhelmed moments I couldn’t even relate to things that I was once enthralled by; Mona Lisa painting, the pyramids of Eygpt, the Empire state building, ancient icebergs collapsing, volcanoes erupting…the very details, themes ,stories accompanying such eluded me. I  had seen it all before (or so i thought)!


My point in essence…enriching ones cultural roots and generally gaining knowledge comes in so many shades, I had been sucked and fed the same dog-eared script that I failed to step out more, but rather go with whatever has been churned out  (be in the now) instead of gaining my experiences first hand …then I can truly appreciate their relevance. Surviving in such a world as ours goes beyond hiding behind goggle wheels, it is more about the nutty-gritties, being amply stocked in order to confidently walk and fluently speak and converse with airs & graces when necessary without scurrying back to our gadgets . We live in an instant world-no doubt; life at our fingertips ,however sporadic glances at tabloids and blagging your way through conversations when asked about the current world issue might be an interview night mare, revealing how ill-informed we are and which can be somewhat considered as socially unacceptable.

Being a well-rounded human starts young(still redeemable) though am yet to grasp the type of real knowledge that’s embedded in the walls of a Mall as I see Primary school kids indulge in as a form of excursion. It means engulfing in the world around us not just the same pretty section where it seem the memory/reason{s} has elapsed; the sights and sceneries, remaining abreast of all current issues-not just what the media serves us and still keeping on top of our career paths and hobbies.  Forget Alice in Wonderland,live life more in the open...there &then one can truly appreciate it.So next time you step out for the door,breathe in the air Knowledge and bag a new experience.

P.S The pictures are amazing captures of Nature, Guess where?Happy birthday *menmypoorsister*(If you are reading this..HEYYY)

On an unrelated note: SayNoToXenophobia....We are all Foreigners at some point in Life.

                                          THANK YOU FOR READING!!!


  1. it's good to go out once in a while for sight seeing..but in cases were its not possible,my dear it's best gotten from the televisions..dats google map is crazy in some part of nigeria ooo..i just gave up on it recently abeg.


    1. Thanks Glowy, knowledge gotten firsthand ,sticks...

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  3. Great Photos
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  4. Its a great post, lovely pictures.


  5. Great post and lovely photos...


  6. I love the grasses they are green, I love the pool,the sea colour. I love nature.

  7. wow this place is mind blowing i would love to come and visit on courtesy visit some day
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  8. Awwww, love this post esp d happy birthday to me part, thanks sissy, big hugs. #me&mypoorsister


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